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What Happens During AC Installation in Florida


If your home already had an AC system when you moved in, you may not have experienced AC installation in your home. And if it’s been a long time since you’ve been through the process, it might be helpful or reassuring to have a quick refresher on what to expect. Here in Florida, there’s an additional consideration that folks in Nebraska or New Jersey might not have to worry about.

We’ll give you a rundown of what will happen when your installers arrive to put in your new air conditioner, including Florida-specific tips.

The Basics of Installation

Most AC installations can be completed in a window of 8 hours or less. When the technicians arrive, they will begin by assessing the situation. Once they know exactly what will be necessary for your specific set-up, they will remove the old AC system, put in the new one, and get everything connected. Before they consider the job done, they will run through some system testing to make sure everything is working.

More Complex Installations

There are definitely times when AC installation in Fort Walton Beach, FL will take more than 8 hours and may have to be done over multiple days. You will generally know in advance if the installation process will be more complex for your home.

Situations that take more time include switching from one type of system to another, such as installing a heat pump or ductless system when you’ve previously had central AC, or repairs that need to happen in order for the system to be installed, such as sealing cracks in your ductwork. 

Special Considerations for Florida Residents

The weather here in Florida brings an endless flow of sunshine-seekers to our state. But in addition to the beauty we appreciate so much, the heat and humidity can get overwhelming at times. While your old air conditioner is removed and your new one is installed, there will be a period of time when your home will not have air conditioning. Not only that—your door will be opened repeatedly, allowing what remains of your cool air to escape.

Plan for this by making sure you have alternate ways to stay cool enough, such as fans and plenty of cold drinks, or by choosing to have your AC installation done now, so you don’t have to go through the process in the heat of July or August.

Make Your Installation Go Smoothly

There are a few steps you can take before your installation appointment that will help streamline the process.

  • First, clear the way: make sure there aren’t obstructions in your driveway, the path to the outdoor unit, and around the outdoor unit.
  • Move bicycles or toys and trim back shrubs to make everything easy to access.
  • And indoors, make sure there’s a clear path from the door to the indoor unit, and move away anything that might make it hard for your installers to work in that area.
  • Finally, consider your pets. We would feel terrible about stepping on a friendly paw or letting a curious cat escape out the door, so please secure your pets in an out-of-the-way room during AC installation.

For professional AC installation, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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