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What Happens During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

Your air conditioner is a precision machine designed to give you many years—often more than 15—of quality cooling for your family. But as with any precision mechanical device, an AC must have regular inspections and tune-ups to make sure that it continues to run its best and without wasting energy.

This is the purpose of a spring maintenance visit from an HVAC technician. A yearly tune-up will see that your air conditioner does not have any impending repair needs and that the effects of its regular workload and aging are reduced. Without this service, your air conditioner will likely not last for many years, and it will run wastefully during that time.

What does maintenance involve?

The good news is that you can sit back and let the maintenance technician take care of all the work. The only part about routine maintenance that you need to know how to handle is changing/cleaning the air filter, and the technician can show you how to do this. The rest the technician can complete in about an hour:

  • Checking the evaporator and condenser coils to see that they are unobstructed, clean, and able to absorb/release heat.
  • Check on the refrigerant level to make sure that it hasn’t dropped. A loss of refrigerant charge usually means a leak in the system that needs to be sealed.
  • Check on all the electric connections and tighten them where necessary.
  • Clean the condensate pan and drain so the moisture from the evaporator coils won’t overflow.
  • Clean and lubricate the motors for the fans and the compressor to avoid mechanical stress that may lead to them burning out.
  • See if the thermostat is correctly reading the temperature and recalibrate if it isn’t.
  • Replace or clean the air filter. You will be responsible for this job during the rest of the summer, and you should do it once a month.

The technician will report to you any possible repair problems in the air conditioner that you should have fixed during the spring. Make sure you don’t hesitate scheduling this work, so you won’t risk a larger and more expensive repair in the near future.

Contact Kool Breeze to sign up for our Maintenance Program today in Pensacola, FL. Along with the maintenance visits, you will receive other benefits as well, such as priority service and a 10% discount on non-warranty parts.

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