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Is Geothermal an Option for Cooling a Home as Well as Heating It?

The term geothermal energy is usually associated with heat. After all, the energy that geothermal systems draw on is the heat of the earth, which remains stable no matter the temperature above ground. Geothermal systems harness the natural heat emanating from the earth’s core, which is a renewable and constant power source. It’s logical to assume that a geothermal comfort system for a home would mainly provide heat.

However, geothermal heat pumps work in much the same way as any heat pump: they provide both heating and cooling. And they are extremely effective and energy efficient at doing both.

How a geothermal system cools down a house

The secret to how a geothermal heat pump provides cooling power isn’t really much of a secret. If you know how a standard heat pump, i.e. an “air-source” heat pump, works, then you have the basics for how a geothermal one works. An air-source heat pump uses the air outside as a medium for heat exchange. During hot weather, when the heat pump is in cooling mode, heat from inside a home is moved with refrigerant to the outdoor unit of the heat pump and then released to the outdoor air.

With a geothermal heat pump (a “ground-source” heat pump), the process is similar, except instead of releasing heat into the air using a condenser coil, it releases the heat into the ground with a loop filled with a combination of water and anti-freeze. The temperature at the depth where the loops are placed remains around 56°F, which makes it easy for the loops to deposit the extra heat. This is one of the reasons that ground-source heat pumps are both reliable and energy efficient.

Installing a geothermal heat pump is a large job that requires professionals. You will need to consult with professionals from the start of the process to make sure that a geothermal system will work with your home and property.

Call Kool Breeze today if you are interested in the installation of a geothermal system for your home. We offer geothermal heat pump services in Navarre, FL and the surrounding areas.

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