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Common End-of-Season Heater Needs

HVAC Return Air Wall Register VentAround our area, the use of heating systems is brief, but necessary for when temperatures do drop to an uncomfortable level. Chances are, you’ve already begun to use your heater less and less in recent weeks. Perhaps you’re even done with it for the season. If a minor repair need cropped up, you’ve probably decided it can wait until next year, since you don’t need your heater that much.

However, this can be a big mistake. Spring may be right around the corner, but neglecting Milton, FL HVAC repair needs can be detrimental for your heater, no matter how late in the season it may be or how little you actually need your heater.

Signs That Your Heater Is in Disrepair

In order to know when to schedule heating repair needs, you of course need to know that they’re necessary to being with. If you notice any of the following troublesome symptoms, then your next step should be calling our pros.

  • The heater is making whining, banging, or groaning sounds.
  • The air coming through your vents isn’t actually
  • Your utility bills are higher than average, despite comparable use to last year.
  • Your gas-powered furnace’s pilot light is burning yellow.
  • Your furnace is struggling to turn on, or stay on.
  • The furnace keeps running without shutting off.

What Causes Heater Breakdowns?

There are a number of factors that can affect a heater, particularly one that is aging or hasn’t had maintenance recently (you should be scheduling this service once a year for furnaces and boilers, but twice a year for year-round heat pump systems).

For instance, you might have a problem with the thermostat, and not actually the heating system itself. This is one repair in particular that shouldn’t be neglected due to the simple fact that you need your thermostat year-round!

Other heater breakdowns can be the result of leaking or damaged ductwork, clogged air filters, or even an electrical fault in the heater’s mechanical system. Ignoring these issues can cause them to become worse. It’s best to address any heating system problems as soon as they appear, to prevent a bigger, costlier emergency later on down the line.

Can Heating System Breakdowns Be Avoided?

Not all the time, but there are certainly steps you can take to help fend them off. For example, as we mentioned above, you should be sure to schedule heating system maintenance on a routine basis. During this service, our professionals will thoroughly inspect and clean your system, make any necessary adjustments to the system as we see fit, and alert you to small repair needs so you can get them on your schedule right away.

Heating maintenance ensures that your system continues to work as efficiently and effectively as it should, for as long as possible. And taking care of the smaller repair needs that could crop up—like a loose component or a wearing fan belt—will definitely help with this too!

For quality HVAC services you can rely on, and to help your heater last as long as it should, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today! 

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