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Does Your Heater Need Repairs?


Do you know when your heater needs repair? You may not run yours for as long or as consistently as homeowners elsewhere along the east coast, but when you do need your heater, you want an effective one!

Knowing the signs of a heater in disrepair means you can take care of those repairs right away, helping the system last longer and reducing your monthly heating costs. So, what are these signs?

Strange Sounds from the Cabinet or Vents

What sometimes makes it hard to detect heating system problems is that they are often easily ignored if they’re not getting directly in the way of your comfort. A strange sound from the cabinet or vents of your furnace, for instance, might be something that doesn’t necessarily bother you, particularly when you don’t exactly hang out next to your furnace listening to it all day.

But, this can be the sign of a major problem. A buzzing noise, for example, can indicate that something electrical has gone awry, while a screeching sound can signal a worn-out belt that could break at any moment. A popping or banging can indicate something dangerous, potentially even damaging the heat exchanger and allowing carbon monoxide gas to come into your home.

You’re Spending Too Much on Your Heating Bills

Of course, this is subjective. You may think you pay too much to heat your home, even though it’s the same as you’ve always paid and around the same as your neighbors are paying. But what we mean is when there is a huge contrast in these costs—you probably have an issue with your heater. Something is not allowing it to work as efficiently as it once did.

You Can’t Seem to Get the Thermostat High Enough

Does it seem like no matter how high you turn up the thermostat, it’s still not warm enough? Then there is certainly a problem. Chances are, this probably has nothing to do with the thermostat itself.

Your heating system is running longer than it should, trying to meet your preferred settings, which causes parts to wear down quickly. This means you’ll likely have to replace the system sooner than later. Be sure to call our pros right away if you suspect this to be the case!

You Notice Sporadic Cycling from Your Furnace

This is known as “short-cycling,” and it is a sign of heating repair that should never be ignored. When your furnace or heat pump short cycles, it’s not running long enough to complete a full heating cycle, and it’s using most of its energy simply cycling on and shutting down.

The Pilot Light Is Burning Yellow

“Wait, it’s not supposed to be yellow?”

Nope! This is a sign your furnace isn’t operating safely. The light at the burner should be blue. Otherwise, there could be substances present on the burners that are interfering with operation and safety, like rust. If you notice flame discoloration, be sure to call in the pros as soon as you can.

For expert, trustworthy heating repair in Milton, FL, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today!

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