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No, It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Heating Maintenance


“Schedule heating maintenance? In Florida? But I barely even need my heater!”

This may be what you’re thinking, but we are going to push back on it a bit. Barely needing your heater is a lot different from never needing it—and when you do need it, don’t you want it to work as effectively and efficiently as possible? Given how much you use your air conditioner, you’re already spending enough on utility costs—don’t make it worse this winter by skipping heater maintenance.

The good news is, it’s never too late to make an appointment. True, if your heater has broken down past the point of repair, then technically it is too late—but it’s more important that you schedule your heater tune-up consistently (once a year) than it is the time of the year you have it done.

The Many Benefits of Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is one of those things that may not necessarily seem worthwhile form the perspective of a homeowner—why pay for something you don’t need right now? Well, because it will help you save money later. Read on to learn just how much heating maintenance benefits your heater, and therefore your household.

It Saves Energy

One of the biggest advantages of a professional heating tune-up is the energy savings you get as a result. Annual heating maintenance sets your heater up for success!

When our pros come out for the job, it means your heater will be thoroughly inspected. We’ll look for any signs of wear, any parts that need to be cleaned, and we’ll alert you to repair needs so you can get them on your schedule right away. With all this taken care of, your heater will have nothing impeding its efficiency, and therefore you’ll conserve a great deal of energy.

It Improves Comfort

Midwesterners may laugh when we talk about “cold weather,” but let’s face it—when we do need our heaters, we need them to work as best as they possibly can. Yours can only do so if it’s well-maintained and up to snuff.

Having one of our technicians come to your home annually to conduct heating maintenance will ensure this is the case. You won’t have to worry about an impending breakdown or extensive repair need, you’ll only need to think about how comfortable you are and the peace of mind you have from a fully functioning heater.

It Improves the System’s Lifespan

The average heater can last approximately 10-15 years, but we can only ensure this is the case by adequately caring for it through professional heating maintenance. The cleaning and inspection we mentioned above helps fend off wear and tear.

Of course, your heater will wear down naturally over the years and eventually will need replacement, but skipping maintenance could shorten the system’s lifespan considerably—leaving you to scramble to make an emergency replacement appointment when you need the system the most.

Contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today and learn more about our maintenance program.

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