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How Best to Use Your Thermostat during the Winter

There’s a downside to needing to use a home heating system for only a short stretch of the year: people often aren’t sure exactly how to set the thermostat to maximize energy savings and comfort. Many homeowners in Florida often push their thermostats up too high, which wastes power without providing the right temperatures. We’d like to help you find the ideal settings on your thermostat for this winter. It’s not difficult at all, and the difference on your bills can be substantial.

The best winter settings for your thermostat

Here’s something that’s important to know about thermostat operation: setting the temperature higher will not mean that your heating system is working harder. Actually, it will just remain running on longer. And the higher the temperature inside your home, the faster it loses heat to the outside. Balancing the temperature at a lower level means that 1) the heater won’t need to stay on as long, and 2) there will be slower heat loss. Together, this means saving energy.

So what is the best temperature for a thermostat? The Department of Energy recommends 68°F for when you’re awake during the day, and setting the temperature back 8° to 10° at night or when you are away from home. Locations with milder winters will benefit the most from this use of the thermostat: an 8 hour temperature setback will save most homes 5%–15% off winter bills, but in Florida’s climate it can mean a 10%–25% savings.

Maybe you should have a new thermostat installed

Did you read the above advice and think to yourself, “Wait, how can I set back my thermostat when I’m asleep or away from home?” Yes, this is a problem you will encounter… if you have an older thermostat like a manual model or a simple digital model. If you have one of these older thermostats controlling the heater, you should definitely have it upgraded. Switching to a programmable or “smart” thermostat (which creates its own programming) will help immensely for saving energy while achieving the best in comfort.

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