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Do I Need an Air Filtration System for My Home?

A decline in indoor air quality is an increasing issue in homes in the U.S. This is due to the heavy insulation on buildings that creates a heat seal that allows the buildings to be energy efficient. Unfortunately, this seal traps air inside the buildings and allows it to circulate, picking up contaminants and becoming stale.

This may be happening in your home. If it is, the best option is to contact professional indoor air quality specialists to help find a solution. One of the best choices is to have an air filter system installed into the ductwork; these mechanical filters trap the larger particles of contamination, such as dust, pollen, dander, and lint. A professionally installed air filtration system can remove more than 99% of the airborne nuisances that can affect your air.

Here are some signs to watch for that will warn you that you should consider installing air filters:

  • Difficulty keeping the house clean: If you find that dust is building up constantly around your home, on furnishings, in corners, etc. and that no amount of cleaning keeps it at bay, it’s time to see if the dust moving through the ductwork is the problem.
  • Increases in allergy and asthma symptoms: Do you have people living in your home who have allergies or asthma? Pay close attention to when their symptoms begin to get worse, especially in spring. A strong filter is often necessary to remove the allergens causing this.
  • Decline in AC or heater efficiency: Excess dust is also bad news for your HVAC system, since it places resistance against airflow. High bills usually mean you need to have something done about the amount of debris that is circulating through your home.

Don’t run off to buy air filters and attempt to install them on your own. If you end up with filters that are too powerful for your HVAC systems, you will cut off airflow and create serious problems. Contact HVAC technicians to help you find the right filters and then integrate them into your ductwork.

Kool Breeze is here to help you with indoor air quality. We have almost thirty years of history helping Pensacola, FL with achieving better home comfort.

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