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What’s the Difference between an Air Purifier and a UV Air Purifier

uv-lightYou might think that a UV air purifier is “just another air cleaner.” However, it’s quite different from a standard ionization or electronic air cleaner—more on that below.

Basically, there are a number of things that can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality, but there are a few systems that can help improve this situation. Indoor air quality is a big concern no matter what time of the year it is—in fact, without the right products in place, it’s worse than the quality of the air outdoors.

But, what type of air purifier is best? To answer that, we first need to explain what air purifiers actually do.

Air Purification, Explained

Air purifiers were developed to clean the air circulating through homes due to HVAC use. Rather than using a fiber mesh to trap pollutants, like the standard air filter does, an air purifier draws particles from the air.

There are two common types of air purifiers—the electronic air purifier and the ionization system. They charge unwanted contaminants and draw them down into the system, where they can later be cleaned off by the homeowner.

The problem—or rather, the obstacle—with this is that the standard air filter doesn’t protect against all the contaminants that can enter your airflow—namely, mold and mildew. This is where the UV air purifier comes in! Also referred to as UV germicidal lights, the UV air purifier is a set of lamps, which send out low-frequency ultraviolet radiation—hence its name.

This is the same type of radiation that comes from the sun, and its radiation is harmful to the cells of organic tissue as it disrupts cellular function. It kills cells and makes them incapable of reproduction.

“But Wait, Doesn’t That Mean They’re Dangerous?”

It’s understandable that you might make this assumption, but UV air purifiers are not dangerous. The level of radiation present in these systems will not create any health concerns for you, your family, or your pets. In fact, you won’t even be able to see the lights, as they’re installed and integrated directly into the ductwork.

But a UV air purifier is powerful enough to kill microbes and other tiny organic pollutants moving through the air ducts. This means that any microorganisms that are in your ductwork will be effectively eliminated before they even have a chance to enter your airflow.

Remember, just like with any other indoor air quality product, the installation of your system should be completed by a trained and experienced professional. Our team is able to make recommendations based on your home’s specific needs. You may find that you’ll benefit from a combination of indoor air quality solutions, actually. We have systems that tackle things like stale air, humidity, and more. You can trust our team to set up your home with the right products and services!

Don’t let mold be a hazard of using your air conditioning in Fort Walton Beach. Contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. for your indoor air quality needs.

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