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Purchase a New Cooling System Now for Optimal Savings!

purchase-cooling-system-now-for-optimal-savingsWith summer not too far off—and with temperatures already soaring—if you’re considering a new Ft. Walton Beach, FL air conditioner installation, now is the time to invest. In fact, for this month only, we are offering a significant rebate on all Rheem systems that we carry—making the urgency of this service even more important.

But what if you really don’t know if your current air conditioner needs replacement? Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that your air conditioner is getting ready to fail, and if you pay close attention and keep up on your maintenance appointments, you can easily avoid a prematurely broken down cooling system. Keep reading for a few signs that now really is the best time for this purchase.

Humidity Has Become an Even Bigger Problem

High humidity is, of course, a common occurrence here in Florida. And your air conditioner is not an effective dehumidifier, however it does have dehumidification properties. This is due to the fact that it draws moisture from the air along with the heat as it operates.

But, if you’ve noticed humidity is a bigger issue than it has been in the past, in the absence of any problems with your whole-house dehumidifier, then you may very well have a declining AC system.

You Hear Unfamiliar Sounds from Your AC

You know better than anyone the daily noises coming from your air conditioner. An occasional strange noise is often an indicator that you need professional repairs. If your AC system is consistently making odd or loud noises each time it runs, then the situation is probably more serious and may certainly warrant a replacement system.

Your Cooling System is Over a Decade Old

Assuming that you keep up on your routine professional maintenance appointments, your cooling system should last about 10-15 years. Specific lifespans also depend on the manufacturer and type of air conditioner you have.

However, no matter which air conditioning system you have, if it’s older than 10 years old then it is time to start thinking about replacing it and paying mind to other warning signs—like we’ve mentioned here—that it’s on the decline. Even without any apparent signs, replacing your older air conditioner with a newer, high-efficiency system will benefit you in many ways.

Your Repair Bills Are Increasing

It’s natural for an air conditioner to need the occasional repair—even a well-cared for system. However, if the repairs are becoming more and more frequent and the costs are starting to build up, then a replacement system may be a better investment.

In fact, we typically recommend that if your next cooling system repair is going to cost 50% or more of what a new system would, then it makes more sense—economically speaking—to go with a replacement.

You’ve Noticed Uneven Cooling

Have you found that some rooms in your home are hotter than others when your air conditioner is running? This can actually point to a number of potential issues, including poor insulation. However, of the most common possibilities is that your aging air conditioner is losing power.

Contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. for exceptional service, no matter what your HVAC needs may be.

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