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Are Electric Furnaces Better than Gas Furnaces?


Is your furnace aging or breaking down? Are you starting to wonder how much longer it’ll last? If so, you’re probably considering your options for furnace replacement.

The first decision you’ll have to make is whether to get a gas furnace or an electric one. When your heating system needs to be replaced, both gas and electric furnaces are good options. But which one is right for you?


First, remember that furnace life expectancy is very dependent upon maintenance. If you never have maintenance done, you can cut these lifespan estimates in half! That said, gas furnaces typically run for about fifteen years, while electric furnaces can run for twenty or so. Does that mean electric is better? Not so fast, there’s more you should know.


Old gas furnaces had an efficiency as low as 70-80%. That means that a significant amount of the heat they created was lost through their ventilation system. These days, it’s easy to find a mid-efficiency model with an efficiency rating of around 90%. Some are even more efficient than that! A condensing gas furnace can be rated as high as 98.5%.

Electric furnaces are different. Nothing is being combusted to create the heat, so nothing needs to be vented. This means there’s no loss. Electric furnaces are 100% efficient, meaning that every bit of the energy they consume is directly converted to heat for your home. Electric furnaces for the win again! But wait, there’s more.


There are three aspects of furnace cost that you should consider. The first is the up-front cost to purchase the furnace, the second is potential installation costs, and the third is operating cost, or how much you’ll be paying for your heat each month.

  • Up-front cost: Gas furnaces are somewhat more expensive than electric furnaces. As you look at the price tags of specific models, do keep in mind that you’ll probably get a few more years out of an electric furnace before you have to worry about replacement costs again.
  • Installation cost: The one big difference here would be if your home is not connected to your local utility’s natural gas line. Before the actual furnace installation, the utility company would have to connect your home. The cost of this can vary widely depending on how far your home is from the line, so get an estimate before making any other decisions.
  • Operating cost: While electric furnaces are more efficient, that won’t actually translate to lower utility bills. Electricity is a more costly form of energy than natural gas. Your specific rates will vary, and you should check on what those are, but unless you have solar panels or another source of clean, affordable electricity, running an electric furnace could cost you more than running a gas furnace.

Making Your Decision

Once you’ve gathered information about utility costs, having your home connected to natural gas, and the prices of various furnaces, you’ll still be left with a tough decision. As we said, either is a perfectly reasonable choice. To make that final call of whether to get a gas or electric furnace in Pensacola Beach, FL, you’ll want to consult with an expert who can help you weigh all the factors.

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