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Why Your Electric Furnace Needs Professional Maintenance

As a resident of Florida, the efficiency of your air conditioning unit takes priority over your electric furnace. After all, you probably only use the furnace for a short period of time each year.

Regular maintenance on an electric furnace may seem like an unnecessary expense. But maintenance actually helps save you money in the long run. It also provides the following benefits:

Safety First

Electric furnaces do not combust fuel like gas furnaces. Gas furnaces run the risk of gas or carbon monoxide leaks. It is easy to understand why you would want a professional to regularly maintain a gas heat system.

Electric furnaces have different safety concerns. Corroding wires and failed heating elements are fire hazards. A professional technician will inspect all parts of the electrical system. They will tighten, adjust and replace faulty parts. They will catch safety concerns early before they become an emergency. 

Optimal Efficiency

Electricity is an expensive power source. You want your electric furnace operating at peak efficiency to make the most of your budget. 

Burned-out heating elements are a common cause of decreased efficiency. This part is responsible for heating the air sent through the blower into your home. If the air is not properly heated your electric furnace will run longer trying to raise the temperature of the home to your desired setting. Longer cycles equal more power being used for poorer output. More power being used leads to increased monthly bills.

Your furnace also needs regular cleaning to maintain its efficiency. Dust sneaks into the system. It can settle on the heating coils. It can increase friction in the motor elements that require smooth lubrication. Eventually, this leads to wear, decreased efficiency, and part failure.

Recovery From Summer

Your heat system and your air conditioning system likely share the same blower. Florida heat means a heavy workload for your air conditioning unit.

After a long summer, a technician should examine the blower system for wear and tear. An inspection of the fan, the motor, and all the lubricating parts will be completed. You will want any damage repaired before hitting a winter cold snap.

Warranty Compliance

Large and expensive appliances come with warranty protection from the manufacturer. Electric furnaces are no exception. A requirement of your warranty will be regular maintenance by a professional. Lack of maintenance may void your warranty. Do it yourself maintenance or repair may also void your warranty. Bringing in a professional once per year will help ensure your warranty claim is valid should something unexpected happen to your heat system.

Your HVAC system is an expensive investment. You want value for your money from a system that runs efficiently throughout its lifetime. You want it to last as long as possible. Regular professional maintenance will help you achieve these goals.

For professional service on your electric furnace in Fort Walton, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.

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